LGBTQ couple holding hands, gay marriage

Our Organization

We, Pride Support Services of Charlotte, are a non-profit organization, founded with the passion and purpose to provide the LGBTQIA+ community with access to the highest quality of mental healthcare and ancillary support services to all, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Mission

To create a safe environment that improves the psychosocial status of the LGBTQIA+ community by providing access to mental healthcare and supplemental services that promote inclusion and equality.

Our Vision

To become the leading mental health and support services provider for the LGBTQIA+ community in Charlotte and beyond.

Our Purpose

To empower the LGBTQIA+ people to live the best and healthiest version of themselves.

Core Values

Purpose to live a meaningful life
Respect to self & others
Individuality to be your authentic self
Determination to make it happen
Empowerment to take charge